About me

This part is for those of you who want to know more about me privately or what is important to me or what i enjoy.

Family & Friends
From them come my values. For me, they are both a source of energy and a resting place. I endeavour to be there for them without imposing myself and try to be a role model without moralizing.
Travel & Culture
Traveling is my addiction. Almost no week passes without me being on the road, be it professionally or privately. Getting to know new places and customs fascinates me. Local food should not be missing.
I love the competition and most of all I like to see when everyone wins. Be it skiing, horse riding, tennis or Pilates, movement is of great importance to me regardless of whether outside or inside, alone or with my dear ones.

Living my dreams

Living my dreams is not always easy, but it has always been what drives me. It gives me the reference to what I do, my enthusiasm, emotion and passion.