I had the opportunity of working intensively with Andy for the last 4 years. I was particularly impressed about his talent to bring always a new perspective to the discussions, about his commitment to set ambitious objectives and about the energy he invested to make it happen. I’m sure that in his new challenges he will leverage on these skills to help his customers to successfully develop their business.
Renato Santi

Former CEO of BSI Switzerland
Andreas is very encouraging and motivates you to go to your limits and overcome them. He is a strategic thinker aiming to be ahead of the market and looking to discover new business opportunities and trends and always takes care of the clients and collaborators.
Alexander Müller

Business Manager, Patrimony 1873

That’s what other people say about me

I have known Andy Schuepbach for almost 20 years. Initially, on a professional basis with RBS Coutts, where Andy led the Central and Easter European Department to growth and success. Later, we became personal friends. Andy is a very special person. A great hands on leader with a sharp and balanced focus on clients, colleagues and employer. He made it a point to know and understand most clients himself. Throughout his career, he continued to acquired new clients himself which he later handed over to his colleagues for the day to day servicing. His client events in Bordeaux and others were always very exclusive, offering clients new experiences outside of banking whilst keeping the interest of the bank in mind. I had the privilege to attend some of them and enjoyed them tremendously! Even though, he inspired his colleagues to achieve higher and higher successes, he never forgot the human side of doing business. His door and his mind were always open to suggestions and personal issues. Andy was reporting to me for quite a few years. He was an important member of the Asia Leadership Team at BSI. His contributions were proactive, creative and challenging but always in a positive spirit. His kept the interest of clients, colleagues and the bank in a solid balance. He truly earned the trust, friendship and support of clients, colleagues and employer! He is an outstanding, highly successful entrepreneur. We became close friends over the time we worked together. I could always relay on him and freely discuss with him personal issues. Again, his advice was very valuable and balance due to his ability to put himself into the position of others. He also consulted me from time to time on personal issues. I know our relationship will endure for many years to come. I would say that Andy is driven by personal interaction, honesty, openness, fairness, a high level of ethics and moral standards, client focus, care for staff combined with the necessity to run a successful business. I am privileged to be one of Andy's friends and wish him only the very best for his new adventures.
Hanspeter Brunner

Former CEO of BSI Asia